The Proposal

It was drizzling off and on as we hit the road for the 2.5hr drive to New Orleans. Danny had planned lots of stops along the way but after a late night the day before with lots of food and a pre-dinner visit to Dairy Queen, we both didn’t feel like spending lots of time on our feet in the rain. Instead, we chose to visit only a few of the stops that we had picked out.

As we rolled up to our last stop for the afternoon, Danny for once took longer than me to get his things together. He enjoys photography so it didn’t surprise me that he pulled out his tripod for this stop. We walked around and found a good spot for some pictures. He set the tripod up and had me walk all over the place so that he could set up the shot. Little did I know, he used this as a ploy to pull the ring out of his bag and into his pocket. After setting the timer, he ran over to me and posed for a few seconds and then rather than walking back to his camera, he grabbed both of my hands to turn me towards him and started talking.

Somewhere in the middle of all the sweet things he said, I felt the air change. I thought, “OMG is he going to propose right now or is he being sweet?” I had just collected myself when I heard him say “I think you already know that I’m going to ask you a question.”  I knew what was coming but my head was spinning and my thoughts were all over the place. He went down on one knee and all I could remember thinking is “his jeans are going to get wet” and “is the camera still taking pictures?” You know, the important things. What I do remember vividly is I said yes followed by the feeling of overwhelming happiness and excitement for our next chapter together.